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Friday, 30 May 2014

Postcards from South America

Herewith some random scenes...

Jorge Luis Borges and I had a meeting today at Cafe Tortoni in Buenos Aires. He waxed on, but I was sincere, in the etymological sense. Work it out.

Frutilla is a little-known monster which emerges at night from the Tigre Delta to hunt down vegans. As the vegans have learned to fight back, dealing it a deadly blow with a steak through the heart, Frutilla now has its infective viral particles smuggled onto breakfast tables in jars that we must not open. At least, that is what an old Indio lady told me for a small fee.

A cayman in the river above the Iguazu falls.

A nearby catfish.

Butterflies dito. I don't think the cayman or caiman got fat on THEM.

A coatimundi, a raccoon relative, same area. People are warned not to feed thrm.

Me near the falls.

Chris ditto. It looks as though she is in front of a backdrop because I used flash-fill.

The falls themselves...

The Parque das Aves. We could not find the Parque das Avenots

More sunsets and stuff later...

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