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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A thought on proofing

I use TextAloud to convert what I write to mp3 files, so I can listen to them for checking.   Reading involves seeing what is there and guessing some of the gaps, which is what makes proofing do hard.

So here I am in Chicago, where things are not always what you expect.  This is why I always take the Goodman Theater to be the Goddamn Theatre, and the DuSable Bridge to be the Disabled Bridge, or  that's my theory, anyway.

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  1. On a similar line, wriving from San Antonio to Burnet in Texas, I had been noting the birds feeding by the roadside, so when I saw the Dairy Queen sign advertising 'BUZZARD OF THE MONTH', I took this to be an ingenious and appropriately fiscally responsible approach to roadkill.

    Sadly, it turned out to just be 'BLIZZARD OF THE MONTH'.

    We see what we anticipate from prior exposure, you see.