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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Some brilliant news for Adele K. Thomas

When we set out to do The Monster Maintenance Manual, we had a competition for a new (that is to say, unpublished) illustrator. Pier 9 spotted about a dozen others who will end up getting a gig, one way or another, but a few really stood out, and one of them was Adele K. Thomas.  We made an excellent choice!
Adele's version of the Sinking Goose.

In the excitement of the short lists announcement the other day, it didn't occur to me to look at the short list for the Crichton Awards, mainly because I didn't know much about them, because pictures aren't really my thing.

Well, if you haven't already looked, and you happen to be solid teak from the neck up, you may not have guessed yet about the joyous discovery I made today: Adele K. Thomas is on the short list!

I know something of three of the other books that are there, so the competition will be intense, but in my estimation, Adele is in there with a good chance.

Brava, Adele!

And good luck!

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