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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Rogues or incompetents?

Comment added September 2016: the authorities have finally caught up with these crooks, and NSW Fair trading has warned the public about them.

See this link for a news story.

Comment added at the end of 2015: in the past couple of years, 1200 people have looked at this page. I hope that means I have stopped 1200 people from being treated as I was.  If you are cranky with this bunch of shonks, please post the URL for this page somewhere on their website, because they have blocked me from posting or commenting. 

And in late March 2016, this entry is getting more than 200 hits a month. That tells me these people are still taking people's money for trash.  PLEASE: document your experiences and publish them as I have done. Also, go to online forums where you can post reviews, and either share the URL for this page, or tell your own story, to show that this isn't just the whining of a single crank: it is the outrage of the mob.

After all, in real life, I am a professional writer whose interests are history, technology and science. I don't really have time for stuff like this.

I realise that this will be of small interest to my usual readers, but I am placing this here, so that anybody Googling CameraSky or Android Enjoyed (that's CameraSky or Android Enjoyed) will find it, and be warned not to deal with these totally unreliable idiots. There are also some useful tricks here that you can use when dealing with slippery characters.

CameraSky, you may be able to stop me commenting on your Facebook page, but good luck in blocking THIS!  You lied to me repeatedly, you swindled me, you dodged the hard questions, so now it is time for you to take your medicine.
A bit of background: over the years, I have unravelled a number of frauds. One was Dulong and Petit's 19th century chemistry fraud, another was the exposure of the Control Data Corporation's fraudulent selling of a dodgy computer-based system called PLATO to the New South Wales government, and another involved exposing a ring of public servants working a swindle based on penalty rates. I understand fraud.

I also understand making misbehaving companies toe the line. I have done this to quite a few corporations over the years, but I will just mention two here: Virgin Australia and the St George Bank.  I do not appreciate being messed around with.  So CameraSky and Android Enjoyed, who were warned of my habits, can have no complaints when I take them to the cleaners.

Image 1
I made the mistake of purchasing a camera from what appeared, to all intents and purposes, to be an Australian company.  I chose them because they held themselves out, falsely, to be located in Australia.

They call themselves CameraSky, and if you Google them, you find this website: and that page features this: "Call Us Now: NSW (02) 8005 7891 or VIC (03) 9018 5439 10am - 10pm AEST 7 Days a week".

Sounds Australian doesn't it?  Notice how they cleverly imply an Australian presence without ever actually saying so? (Image 1).

Incidentally, they managed to register that domain without disclosing any address, which I would have thought was illegal.  That evasion is understandable though, if they are trying to pretend that they are Australian.

They also trade as Android Enjoyed, and that company similarly pretends to be located in Australia (Image 2):
Image 2
Please, dear reader, don't be fooled, as I was. They may have one or two telephone answerers here in Australia, but they are a Hong Kong-based operation.  As such, they think they can cheat as much as they like, and never pay any penalty.

Muggins here was prepared to pay a bit more for his camera, in order to use an Australian supplier, and I trusted their promise of delivery in four to seven days, because I was attending an awards ceremony in Perth, where I was collecting a prize, and I wanted a new camera to record it.

I placed the order on about September 4, knowing that I was leaving Sydney on September 15.
Image 3

At 15:06 on September 4, they sent off confirmation, as you can see here. (Image 3)

Plenty of time, I thought, Sydney isn't a remote area.  By Monday 9th, the order was on their records, but on Wednesday 11th, it still hadn't moved.  It was just "queued for shipping". I had been onto them the day before to ask what the delay was, but now I was getting annoyed.

OK, this wasn't an expensive item, but any delay was going to cause me problems, and when something causes me problems, I cause problems right back. As you can see :-)
Image 4
Time was running out, so I made contact again, using their online system.  That meant I had records, and I warned them at the start that I was taking screen grabs.  Hey, maybe they were just incompetent...

Anyhow, I got the run-around. (Image 4)

Here, below, is how I explained it, nicely, but firmly. (Image 5)

Image 5
The careful observer may notice the names being used: "Marie" and "Claire".  I'm not sure whether they were one and the same, or where they were, but they stone-walled. Well, actually, they lied.

Image 6
Inage 7
I suspected as much, hence the increased strength of my response, when I promised to  make an example of them. So, you people at CameraSky, argue you way out of this blog, if you can!

By the 12th, I was definitely smelling a rat, because no tracking number had been provided. (Image 6)

I finally got an answer, which you can see on the left: "your order will be ship today".

Curious: they said (see Image 5) that it had already been shipped the day before!

Clearly, these people were in the dodgy category.  You may call them crooks, but I don't. (Image 7)

Well, I was obviously dealing with muppets, so I stopped using the web-based system, and started firing off emails.

Later on the night of the 12th, eight days after the order was placed on a promise of 4-7 days for delivery, I got this email: I have corrected their shoddy typing, but this does not change the meaning, and guys, if you want to take this to court, I am only providing part of the evidence here.

"We are ready to ship your parcel however the last piece of the item for the product that you ordered was found with dented box and to ensure quality, we will not be able to ship it immediately, please let us know if you can wait until we receive the new stocks, it normally takes around 1 week. I understand that this is highly unacceptable. Rest assured that we have applied measures to ensure that this does not happen again. I am looking forward to hear from your very soon. Thank you!"
On the 14th, some nameless drone said that he or she had
"...escalated this issue to our management team, unfortunately no one is available on weekends except for customer service.  We will notify you by Monday as soon as we get a word from them."

In other words, more obfuscation.  Oh, and remember that the time limit had now run out.  Well, on September 19, 15 days after the 4-7 day order was placed, they sent me an email to say the items were sent. I questioned the charging of "express delivery", and got this brush-off:

"Please be informed that your order was shipped on September 19 and your tracking number is 218706137215.  You have paid for express shipping that means you will receive the item 4-7 working days FROM THE TIME LOT WAS SHIPPED and not form the time you purchased it."
In other words, "hello sucker!".  Well, the goods arrived on September 23, 19 days into a promised 4-7 day wait.  The camera was fine, but there were two outstanding issues, and I taxed them with them.

I will give them one thing: they are good at offering empty apologies and not making any restitution.

Well, I started pushing them for a refund and required an admission concerning the lies I had been told.  They tried a new gambit:

Image 8
"Once again, we sincerely apologized for all this confsuion, however I cannot find any email from us sent to you last Sept 9 saying we have shipped your order, however rest assured we will do our best to improve our service, we hope you will recieve your parcel very soon. Thank you so much."
Now as the careful observer will note, the claim wasn't made in an email, but in a web-based conversation, one which I had warned them I was recording, right at the start.

You can see that first warning, right here, on the right. (Image 8) Later, there were other warnings.

So I dressed them down, listing what I deem to be their various acts of misleading and deceptive conduct. They had implied that they were Australian, they offered fast service, and they lied about having sent the goods. Also, they had charged me for a warranty, but none was provided.

I got this response:

"We are very sorry for the confusion, please do know that it is not our intention to mislead you. We have our Company Registered in Australia. Operation in Hong Kong for Shipments, Stock  and Logistics.Customer service is partly located in Australia, partly in Asia and in Hong Kong. Orders will be processed in Hong Kong's centralized and shipped to customer as Direct Import in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

"Australian phone number we have provided on our website. We only provide that number so our Australian customers will be able to call us locally without an expensive international call rate. And with regards to the refund for your express shipping fee of $36, i will have to check that from our management. Allow me to get back to on you on this tomorrow. Hope you will accept our sincere apologies for this inconvenience. Thank you!
Image 9
All very nice, but what about my warranty, I asked?

On September 29, "Marie" was still checking with management, but the next day, I was sent this jpeg which was held out to be my warranty. (Image 9).

I said to them, surely you don't expect me to accept that: it has no date, no address for return of goods, no identification of the product, no details at all: it isn't worth the paper it isn't printed on (and it wasn't printed in any case, but I was waiting for them to point that out). I wanted to cancel it, right now, but I wasn't about to leave quietly!

I got this in return:
"Please be informed the warranty is card that comes with the product will not apply in Australia, because item ships from overseas, we can only provide you the soft copy of our warranty card and now our Finance Officer is processing your refund for the express shipping cost."
So they were paying up on the completely spurious express delivery, but not on the worthless warranty.  They fell silent for a couple of weeks, then "Marie" came back with this:

"I have just make a follow up with our Finance team regarding your $29.95 refund. We will get back to you as soon as we received advise from them."
Again there was silence until October 22, when I got this email from "Althea":

Your request (2445) has been solved. To reopen this request, reply to this email.

Hello Peter,

We are sorry but we can't provide you with a refund for express shipping since this is demanded by courier and we can't shoulder that cost.
I replied to the effect that I would decide when it was solved, and I wasn't asking for the express delivery refund (which, recall, I had in my hot little hands!).  I wanted, and expected, a refund on the worthless warranty.

Then I went to write some corrosive messages on the CameraSky Facebook page, comments were blocked. When I started the same ploy on Android Enjoyed, a pop-up window said that I had been denounced as a spammer and blocked.  OK, I WAS repetitive, but I am merely trying to get justice.

Image 10
This morning, October 24, they posted on the Android Enjoyed Facebook page, which I am unable to reply on, the following non-response  (Image 10).  They are still talking about the $36 that they already refunded, I am talking about the totally fraudulent charge for a worthless "warranty".

So, friends who have read this far, please go to the Facebook page of either CameraSky or Android Enjoyed, and post the URL of this page as a message, just once, in one of their ads.  Maybe add a little suggestion that people considering buying there should read my comments on their standards of probity and service before buying themselves a lot of annoyance.

Or if you feel like it, use this link to go to their comment and remind them that the subject is a refund of $29.95 for a worthless warranty.  Remind them that they can't hide.

CameraSky and Android Enjoyed, understand this: you have 48 hours from when I post this to pay up, or this post is going to stay here.  Say or do anything to annoy me, and it stays here.  Fail to admit all of your faults in a detailed list, and it stays here.

The customer is always right, but sometimes, the customer is right on your hammer. When that happens, discretion is the better part of valour.

Postscript, March 2014

Well, the wretches finally, after a great deal of badgering, finally realised that I was determined to trash their brand, refunded the warranty money.  They did not meet my requirements that I set as a condition of removing this post.  They did hand over the money, but that only reflects credit on me, not them.

There were other tactics I used, like product reviews like this one.  Now, today, 28 March, they posted this response:

Hi Mcmanly, we noticed our records show you received your refund, please note the extended warranty is not worthless and that the extended warranty is a shop level extended warranty as described not a manufacturers extended warranty as presumed.
Here is how I responded:

My statement stays. Your potential victims need to see it, and be warned by it.

BECAUSE, and only because, I turned up the heat and mounted a full-scale Facebook and web offensive against you and your totally dishonest, fraudulent and worthless warranty, you grudgingly and belatedly gave back my money — and now you think I should be grateful? Dream on!

You people pretend on your website that you are located in Australia, but you are what is called a "grey" retailer, operating out of Hong Kong. I made THAT clear as well.

It wasn't really as if you were cheerily refunding the money you had cheated me out of. The fact that you hope I will now say nice things about you tells me that I was wrong in one respect: I thought you were clever criminals, but I now think you are just stupid and bumbling incompetents.

Now I suggest you go and read my blog entry at

I think I might add a bit more, later today.
And as you can see, I did.

Dear CameraSky, quit while you are only slightly behind, or I will come after you again.  Take my word for it, you will never be ahead.

On my patch, on my watch, traders do not dictate to customers — and I am watching you now.  Think carefully: do you really want to remind me again that you exist?
Postscript April 7:
These characters had my comments pulled.  Obviously the truth hurts.  I have just replaced those comments with a toned-down version, but you can read the original here.

Postscript September 4, 2014
They are still at their old tricks. In the past few months, I have had four spams. I just went to their Facebook page, and discovered that I am STILL blocked from posting there. I also found that they are still conning people. If you read this, please go to their site and post this link on their Facebook page:


  1. Thanks. On reading your post I decided not to purchase a speaker from Android Enjoyed but from a proper Australian reputable retailer selling online. Costs more but I avoid the trials you describe

  2. To anyone reading this:

    Please avoid this company at all costs, they are a scam-artist company. They sent me the wrong camera, I returned it in the exact same condition the next business day and after 20 emails and more than a month (in which time I had no choice but to purchase the correct camera from elsewhere) they are now refusing my return, they are an absolute disgrace and I'll be contesting my credit card transaction and reporting them to the ACCC and Dept's of fair trading.

  3. Wish I had of read this before I placed my order.... 17 days after order & it's still 'processing' with 1 original email saying the tablet I ordered is not in stock & offered me another one, when I replied they replied with, out tool to check this is unavailable at the moment we will get back to you... no reply & I have sent 3 emails with no reply... $1200 just gone on nothing....
    don't know if it matters but will be reporting their abn (70166898684) to ACCC

  4. I think these people are largely isolated from any repercussions, but it has to be worth a try. Comments here are moderated, so their pathetic attempts to justify themselves get no traction, but I welcome comments from other victims.

    My students once gave me a farewell coffee mug that said "Piss Me Off And Pay The Price", and, well, it's 100% true.

  5. thanks guys wont be buying anything from these people if thats what they are!

  6. Thanks! You just saved me from buying from them.

  7. Thanks, I was going to purchase a camera + lens from these guys, you have just saved me from doing so.

  8. Well done. Australia needs more people like yourself that take the time to warn fellow aussies about these online scammers. We are all trying to make the most of our high taxed earned dollars and it is easy to fall victim when attempting to save a few. It's necessary these days to do your homework before engaging any kind of sale or service which is what led me to your information. Keep up the excellent work, I have reconsidered my purchase with camerasky and will be spending a little more in a local shop that can only be better for our economy anyway, Bravo.

  9. we have to stop these guys, gents, let's make sure they are reminded on their facebook page.

    1. The CameraSky people have blocked me from commenting on their site on the spurious claim that I am spamming them. They CANNOT stop third parties posting a link to this page there. Please, just DO IT! And not just guys and gents: ladies, chicks and anybody with two X chromosomes is welcome!

    2. I think I have been scammed. I was just asked to provide a Photo ID of my license and credit card. They might be into ID theft as well.

  10. Android Enjoyed - phone returned within a month of delivery - 3 months later still waiting for a replacement/repair. My next stop is ACCC and NSW Small Claims Court.

    1. After an enquiry by NSW Fair Trading, etc. the matter went to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal today. Digital Skies Group didn't bother to represent themselves.
      After reviewing the information pack that I had prepared and entered into evidence as a statement, discussion of the ludicrous claim in the Android Enjoyed 'Terms and Conditions' that all matters may only be settled in the courts of the Hong Kong SAR (rejected utterly by the NSW Tribunal), discussing the concept of 'merchantable quality', reasonable warranty period and requests for refund which were not replied to, the tribunal made an order compelling Android Enjoyed (Digital Skies Group) to pay me the complete purchase price AND in light of their refusal to negotiate at all the tribunal fee of $47 as well.
      Payment is to be made before 13 April 2016. If they do not pay, they will be in default and it will become a matter for the court system - where the costs of processing are simply added to the bill they are presented with.

      Do not be afraid to take this company to court. If you have an honest case and have tried to work with them then you will have satisfaction.

      The conduct of Android Enjoyed is also being referred to the Head of the Civil and Administrative Tribunal for forwarding to investigation. Australian Consumer Law; Misleading and Deceptive Conduct in respect to the warranty provisions, False Representations in respect to warranty service, Unconscionable Conduct in warranty dealings, and Contractual Terms that alienate consumer rights within Australia.

  11. Galaxy 6 delivered on 14Oct15, returned 6Nov15. Today is 5Feb16 and still not even a word from Android Enjoyed about my return. ACCC, Dept. Fair Trading and NSW Small Claims court is the only way to resolve problems with this thieving company.

  12. We're trying to do the same thing at the moment but I guess we'll get blocked soon too...

    1. Stephen, they find it easier to attack than to do the right thing, so we need to attack back. Document every exchange, and then publish it. Go to review forums, and say what you think. Make them bleed!

  13. Thanks Peter for this blog. I was planning on buying a phone from them, will pay $20 more from a company that takes paypal.

    My comments today after asking about the company.

    You — Please update your info
    is the phone set up for international use and is it set up as user language english.

    Marie joined the chat

    Hi, Thank you for contacting us.

    Our product comes from multiple suppliers who purchase from multiple international sources but we make sure that they are 100% genuine and brand new, they are suitable and compatible for use in the Australian Market and inside the box we provide an Australian adopter for the charger.
    You — Please update your info
    do you take paypal for payments

    unfortunately we don't have Paypal for payment option, only credit card, debit card, bank transfer and zipmoney
    You — Please update your info
    OK thanks I seem to get mixed reviews many bad with your company so I was hoping to pay via paypal

    your welcome

    sorry we don't have control over bad reviews, but rest assured we are doing our best to improve our service

    Is there anything else that I can help you with?
    You — Please update your info
    no thanks

    your welcome

    Thank you for contacting us. Have A Good Day!
    Marie left the chat

    Leave a Comment

  14. I placed an order with them today and they emailsed me to get a Photo Id e.g. driver license and photo of my credit card. I then thought perhaps it was a scam so googled this and got onto your Blog. The Bank cannot reverse or put a hold on a pending transaction, so this is going to take months to get back. so sad

  15. You may very well fear that. I could not possibly comment.

  16. I ordered on the 14 March... Payment was taken 2 days later. Then, 'we had a system crash, can you email a copy of the order to us'. Then nothing. After contacting them twice they gave me a new order number with payment pending. I called today and went through the whole thing again. Sounds like I talked to a Filipino over voip. Now my order is at the processing stage. I have also contacted my credit card provider to see if they can cancel the payment made as I told them it may be a fraud case....

    I have had way better dealings with mainstream Chinese online stores....

  17. check this, I just updated this thread about camerasky. I had a similar issue. I will fvck them up eventually.

  18. I had an experience akin to yours - stonewall, liars, charging for services they do not deliver. It's a Chinese warehouse that is fronting as a reputable Aussie retailer.

  19. I am an Australian retailer that imports canon and nikon. Thanks so much for pointing out the devious methods if not fraudulent methods used by some to pretend to be an aussie business. Mark

  20. I got done by Camerasky too! I call them with my caller id on and got rejected. Called them again with no caller id and got through and asked for a refund. Right afterwards I got an email stating status of order cancelled pending refund. I'm not holding my breath. They said 1 to 3 working days. We'll see.. I've informed my bank and they're on the case! Peter, will copy your link and post it other sites! If I've known earlier..... Cheers and hope no more are ripped off!

  21. I got done by Camerasky too! I call them with my caller id on and got rejected. Called them again with no caller id and got through and asked for a refund. Right afterwards I got an email stating status of order cancelled pending refund. I'm not holding my breath. They said 1 to 3 working days. We'll see.. I've informed my bank and they're on the case! Peter, will copy your link and post it other sites! If I've known earlier..... Cheers and hope no more are ripped off!

    1. Thanks for sharing the link. If you can access their Facebook page, please post it there. I kept doing that until the crooks accused me of being a spammer and got FB to block me. There is no honour among thieves!

  22. I'm one of the latest victims of Camerasky. Wish I had seen this blog before I made my purchase.

    Surely someone in the Australian government can force them to have the .au removed from their domain name considering they are not an actual Australian company! Might look into it.

    I intend on destroying their brand if I keep getting the run around from these morons.

    They are lucky no one has launched a DDOS attack on their site yet. Damn am I tempted!

    1. Sounds like you have a similar mission to me Sevrink! And yes, I've had similar thoughts re DDOS!

      I've now taken a different approach - they don't seem to be concerned about consumer laws, but are posting fake reviews to ProductReview and Whirlpool so they obviously think this is important. I've reported the fake reviews to ProductReview, and reminded them of the ACCC laws re this (it's in their posting guidelines). I've also started emailing sites that are hosting their sales coupons. This might have an impact on brand if enough people do it.


  23. 10 days later and I am still without a confirmation of payment....let alone a camera!

    I did a little bit of investigating and found that the account that they asked me to pay to in their Order Confirmation email, the one i paid money into, was completely different to the one they are currently using.

    So I contacted them...yet again and asked which account I was meant to pay and of course they said the Commonwealth Bank account (Commonwealth Bank 1496-0111 - Digital Marketing and Solutions Pty Ltd) that they are just NOW using and not the NAB account (230363501 DIGITAL MARKETING AND SOLUTION NAB - MELBOURNE OFFICE) that was stated on their email.

    Okay I said. So now you know where the money is, process my payment and send my camera!
    They then proceeded to claim that there was an issue with NAB online banking and so payments would be delayed until this was sorted out. So like any good sleuth, I contacted the NAB and to my surprise they told me that there were NO KNOWN ISSUES currently with online banking!
    So I contacted Camerasky with this information and am currently waiting their (scripted) response.

    Stay tuned kids.... this is not the end!

  24. I wonder if they realise that all of their activities are being dished up in public?

    1. I really hope they do Peter. Once I finally receive my camera, i intend to relentlessly spruke this blog anywhere I can. I'll share it on twitter and hashtag them!

      Thank you for providing a place for the truth on scumbags like these to be told!

  25. Well once again I got bombarded with scripted responses. They even mistakingly copy/pasted a comment into my window that was meant for someone else regarding a refund. I played dumb and jumped on it asking "Why are you telling me about a refund for a product you haven't shipped me yet? Am I to expect it arrives faulty?" to which they responded with "Sorry, that was meant for someone else".
    Once again they asked for my order number, bank details, blood type.... so i demanded that they give me the finance departments direct contact since I wasn't willing to keep being put off for another 48hrs. I told the chat member (Jacq) that I was sick of being lied to and to give me a contact email address. After a lengthy wait he provided me with this ( and claimed it was the finace team email address. Even blind Freddy can see that the email address is for Customer Service. So he was just trying to put me back onthe never ending loop...AGAIN! I called her out on it and told her to stop treating me like an idiot. She eventually gave me this email address ( and claimed it goes straight to management. Well I wrote yet another email demanding my camera. Lets see if this provides more of an insight!

    I just now saw a facebook message from Camerasky appear on my phone and got excited....oooh, are tehy contact me to confirm my payment?Did they have finally ship my camera?....No... They once again asked for my order number so that they can put me back onto the never ending merry-go-round!

    No way... So I have now made a complaint with the Department of Fair Trading.


    Public Warning: Do not deal with Digital Skies Group Pty Ltd
    6 September 2016
    NSW Fair Trading is warning consumers not to deal with Digital Skies Group Pty Ltd. The company trades as online electronic stores Android Enjoyed, Camera Sky and Klukkur.

    These online businesses sell electronic products, including digital cameras, mobile phones and smart watches, and one of the stores, Android Enjoyed, appeared on this month’s Fair Trading Complaints Register.

    NSW Fair Trading has received numerous complaints, primarily concerned with the quality of goods sold, the acceptance of payment without supplying the goods, the supply of goods not suitable for the Australian market and other Australian Consumer Law offences.

    NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe has urged anyone considering doing business with Digital Skies Group Pty Ltd to give the matter serious consideration before making any payment or purchasing any products.

    The estimated total market value of consumer detriment is $150,000.

    “This company is the subject of numerous complaints, and Fair Trading has been unable to make contact with the business owner despite numerous attempts.”

    All three businesses are operated online via three different websites:,, Facebook pages also redirect consumers to these sites.

    With all three businesses based online, Digital Skies Group Pty Ltd has no physical operational address in Australia, despite listing a location in a large shopping mall on all three websites.

    Customers who have dealt with Android Enjoyed, CameraSky, Klukkur or any other businesses that may be affiliated with Digital Skies Group Pty Ltd, and are not satisfied with their interaction, are urged to contact NSW Fair Trading on 13 32 20 or visit

    1. That has actually been at the top of this blog entry for a couple of months, but only as a link. Thanks for providing the full text.

    2. Hi Adam,

      I assume you are also a CameraSky victim. I have started contacting those businesses who enable CameraSky - Trust Guard who verify them, Google who list them in shopping results (they have an option at the bottom of the page to report violations), coupon advertisers, etc. I received the following response from Trust Guard on their FaceBook page:

      Trust Guard Hi Karen, That's a good question. Yes, having our company associated with fraudulent websites and businesses could possibly devalue our brand. That is why we go to great lengths to verify that companies are legit before we agree to work with them; AND we offer help with any customer disputes to ensure the companies we serve are also actively serving their customers and resolving their issues or complaints. We provide website scanning and other verification services to companies all over the world to protect them and their customers. Websites are targets for hackers and we help prevent that devastation from happening. With that said, although this website is apparently listed in the NSW Fair Trading public warnings as you informed us, we still continue to scan and protect the website so that all their customers' private information remain safe. We have only had 3 customer disputes for this company come through us since they started using our services. Two were quickly resolved already and only one is currently open. If we were to get multiple complaints (3 in a row) that didn't get resolved quickly, then we close the company's account with us. That just hasn't been the case here with CameraSky. I have now read several online reviews for this company, and they do seem to have a lot of negative reviews. How many of those are legit or were later resolved I have no idea. I can only verify what we have seen come through on our end. I hope that helps. Thank you for your comment and concern. Let us know if there's anything we can help you with.
      Like · Reply · 1 hr

      Could I ask you to go along to the Trust Guard FaceBook page (, and send them a message/post about your customer dispute with CameraSky. Perhaps we can then at least remove some of their capacity to appear trustworthy.


    3. Just posted there, referring them to this blog. I didn't need a dispute thingy: I fettled them myself, which was far more satisfying. This blog is now becoming a handy resource: please share the URL (I'm not trying to score hits, other than against The Common Enemy).


  27. Ahh, I am amongst fellow Digital Skies Group victims! I was done to the tune of $600 by CameraSky. Refused to cancel my order once I realised it was (delayed) coming from overseas, won't deliver, won't refund, stalling tactics on email, etc, etc.

    I've pretty much given up on getting my money back (bank reversal lodged), but will now console myself by making mischief. I have been doing the usual social media stuff (posting and sharing the article about the NSW Fair Trade public warning), but have also started now emailing and leaving posts with ProductReview, as they are publishing obviously fake reviews from this company.

    I also like to email CameraSky at the end of each day just to let them know what I am up to - below is todays effort :)


    How's that expedited refund processing going Jane?

    Wow, it's been a busy day today.

    ACCC have thanked me for my report of fake reviews online - according to the ProductReview website, this comes with a maximum penalty of $220,000 for an individual and $1.1 million for a body corporate, per breach. I also took the time to remind ProductReview that they are liable under the ACCC laws if they don't investigate - I did this on their FaceBook page - awkward, because that page has 184,810 likes (they got to see that nice warning piece in the Sydney Morning Herald too).

    The guys over at Whirlpool are looking a bit lonely, so I might check them out tomorrow.


    It mightn't get my money back, but it makes me feel a little better. Happy to join forces within anyone wishing to play!


    1. Karen, this is brilliant, good on you. I have been scammed by Android Enjoyed to the tune of $500, and need to start my own campaign now. Thanks.

  28. Thanks Peter. I wish I had done some more research before purchasing a phone from Android Enjoyed this year. Faulty phone, returned to them under warranty, after 110 days of back and forward emails they claim to have refunded me, but there is no trace of the money and they will not send any evidence of the deposit.

  29. Has anyone traced the owners of the Australian company/business to Hong Kong. If so can you supply names and addresses please.

  30. Hi Geoff,

    This is the address I have:

    84 Hotham St. Preston
    Victoria 3072, Australia
    ACN: 614 893 293

    I managed to get my refund sorted. I lodged a dispute with Trust Guard (, who provide the Trust Seal that CameraSky use on their website. I managed to get all of my money back in a week through this process. Might be worth a try.


  31. i own an aus based electronics retail company and things like this drive me nuts. I must be the only company that imports to aus before sending on to others. the sad thing about these sort of guys is the public will 99% of the time go for the cheapest price possible not taking into account the customs / import duties. if a company states it is 'Australian' then all products should be in australia and the poor consumer should not be slugged with import duties let alone the scams these guys are up to.

    i had a customer of mine tell me about their bad experiences with android enjoyed and it sickend me.
    this being brouight to my attention i have spent the last week testing them out on a purchese.. let me just say these guys have every excuse under the sun ready to con the public.

    with permission of the article author i would like to use this blog as a warning to others whoi wish to buy from china direct.

    i have been to china many times for business and let me say the way china runs business is scary.

    good to see other in the community trying to raise the alarm.. keep it going guys :)

    1. We are on the same page, so please share it with my enthusiastic blessing

    2. thanks peter, and sorry for the poor spelling and grammar.

    3. I'm a profeshnul riter. Wot's spelng an grammer?

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Now masquerading as ONEdigitals same mob mirrored site, oh dear
    ABN: 43 614 893 293
    VISA Chargeback Code 30 applies (goods not received)

  34. Now masquerading as ONEdigitals same mob mirrored site, oh dear
    ABN: 43 614 893 293
    VISA Chargeback Code 30 applies (goods not received)

  35. Camerasky now masquerading as ONEdigitals mirrored site.
    ABN: 43 614 893 293

  36. Well Peter Macinnes, this is a fine old mess.
    There are 4 Windows are there not?
    Feeling a bit miffed this morning.
    What do you think about Dave, David, Brandley ?
    Got some skin in the game; box of fluffy dice!

  37. Nofoollikeanoldfool 1 - 0 CameraSky

    Trust-Guard's Dispute process worked, however this is not an endorsement, as they have pre-knowledge and data conflict of interest issues and exposure to individual or class-action damage liabilities.
    Old Contract QS
    Alan M Morrison