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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Le livre nouveau est arrivé (new book, for non-Francophones)

Sorry, if you don't get the reference, but outside wine merchants in certain areas, at the right time of  year, you can see signs, usually in French of some sort, proclaiming that the new Beaujolais has arrived.  Join the dots: Beaujolais is a wine.

Unlike Beaujolais, you can't drink it, but the new book is here.

Well, I've been talking about this book for long enough—in fact, it was two years ago today that I announced publicly that it would be happening.

Now I have a copy in my hands, and there will be copies out there in the bookshops, four weeks from now.

It's Australian Backyard Naturalist, if you hadn't already worked that much out, and the details from the distributor are here.

Regular blogging will continue shortly, once I catch my breath.

Incidentally, the careful observer may note that I have tagged this as "education".  As I have said elsewhere,  education, teaching, training, wisdom, knowledge, learning, understanding and erudition are not the same thing. If we target these with joy, enthusiasm and culture, we will have done a good thing.

This book is not educational in the barrenly offensive didactic style of Wackford Squeers and malignant rote-learning trainers, but it is about opening doors and new perspectives. I hope that it won't find a place in every desk in the classroom, but I hope that the ideas I offer will enliven the minds and hearts of enthusiastic and joyful collaborators in classrooms across the land. I want this book filched from, not pored over, analysed and studied!

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