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Thursday, 1 December 2011

My current writing status

Just turning away, briefly, from microscopy, I am emerging from a hectic period and moving into an intense one.  My sequel to Australian Backyard Explorer, which is, like ABE, directed notionally at ages 10 to 14, and called Australian Backyard Naturalist, has gone to the printer.

The book after that is for the general market, and the working title is Curious Minds. The title is a play on my occasional statement that my friends and my enemies agree, with differing intonations, that I have a curious mind.  It is about the natural historians and natural history painters who were in Australia, mainly between 1688 and 1888.  That is now through editing and on its way to design, so that will generate a few calls on my time.

The next book is a toss-up.  I have two interesting topics: one is just about completely researched and planned out, a fascinating mix of Australian history and lots of science and technology.  The other, less researched but involving a lot more field work, is starting to push ahead.  This is why I am approaching an intense period, because between Christmas and New Year, I plan to start laying down the text of the new book, and I need to be in a position to decide.

Mind you, there are also three series that are in the offing.

I may have mentioned that I never get writer's block: I just shift to another project for a week.

So if I fall silent for the first half of December, I am most probably still on my twig, but I'm cogitating.

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